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About Us

With Makassed constantly promoting a strong civic engagement and encouraging those who devote their time to serving others, the Volunteer Unit was established in 2001, designated by the UN as the International Year of Volunteers.

Our mission is to empower youth to achieve rewarding volunteering experiences for them and the community and to work hand in hand with Makassed in tackling development challenges.

Guided by the principles of civil society we enrich the quality of life in our community through volunteer involvement.

The Makassed Volunteer Unit is committed to:

  1. Stimulating volunteers by providing them with theoretical and field trainings;
  2. Encouraging youth to join social development activities in Beirut as well as in rural areas;
  3. Spreading mutual cooperation throughout all communities in Lebanon;
  4. Partnering with associations and NGOs with similar interests to develop local volunteering opportunities and to enhance the quality of volunteering, not just in providing volunteers;
  5. Strengthening trust, solidarity and group work among our volunteers while benefiting society at large
  6. Creating opportunities for our volunteers in different types of social activities and stimulating their personal and non-formal educational development.
  7. Leading in developing strong, sustainable volunteering structures in the Arab region with an emphasis on countries where they are absent or just emerging;
  8. Contributing significantly to the development of new methods and tools to measure the scope and impact of volunteering.