Makassed Supports Vulnerable Families during Ramadan

Makassed Supports Vulnerable Families during Ramadan

This year, the Holy month of Ramadan came during very difficult times, amid the financial crisis in Lebanon and the Covid-19 pandemic that are affecting tremendously the lives of thousands of underprivileged and vulnerable households.

With the funding of generous donors, Ward Al Makassed kicked off a campaign to offer a daily food box containing iftar ingredients enough for a family of 5. The box also included recipe and preparation instructions as well as hygiene advices. Hundreds of Lebanese families were therefore able to have better meals during the Holy Month.

Makassed Volunteers Unit and Makassed Scouts joined hands for a Ramadan Initiative and delivered tirelessly monthly food supplies to needy families.

The Scouts also supported Beirut Municipality in its efforts to help the underprivileged with Scouts’ leaders working on the Municipality database thus facilitating the distribution of food donations.

The Volunteers Unit launched “Kanzati Kanzatok” campaign to collect clothes for the less fortunate and distribute them ahead of the Eid Al Fitr.

With the unprecedented financial and social challenges, people of goodwill are coming together to prevent the community’s further deterioration with Makassed remaining more than ever true to its values of assisting the most vulnerable.